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Affordable Luxury isn’t a coined term but a REALITY

Affordable Luxury isn’t a coined term but a REALITY

A tier of society be it from any geography always looks forward to upgrading. In India, this layer majorly comprises of the mid & upper-middle-class segment which always aspires to scale-up to live better.

A little tweak is all that matters. 

Many industries in the country, be it FMCG, consumer durables, automobiles, etc. have done a little fine-tuning to their product portfolio just to cater to that ‘enhancement in lifestyle’ criteria laid down by scores of buyers. Real Estate is no different and has offered more choices to its buyers than they can fathom.

Luxury made affordable.

A lot of credit goes to quality real estate developers who have pounced on the opportunity of tapping the untapped, which by the way was a completely tossed-aside segment till almost half a decade back. Today, construction is done keeping in mind the aspiration of a buyer who is looking for growth from a present way of life. This is where the appetite for indulgence and frill comes in. And why not; these buyers belong to a segment which is educated, looks to save, and you never know, with time may go on to buy another property rolled out by the same builder.

At Shiva Homes, grandeur is not just for a select few.

Our projects are conceptualized keeping in mind upgrades that buyers are longing to have from time to time. Who doesn’t want a luxurious living space after all? And if that space comes under the price range which doesn’t burn a hole inside your pocket, it indeed is a frosting on the cake, isn’t it!

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